Grappling allows us to fight on the ground effectively.


Díky grapplingu jsme schopni efektivně bojovat na zemi.

RBSD Grappling is a skillset that focuses on groundfighting; we can end the fight by chokes, strangles, strikes, locks or just by controlling the opponent. All techniques are designed and trained to work in everyday clothes, therefore RBSD Grappling is very advantageous for police, security workers and everyone else who needs to control or restrain a resisting subject.

Main Principles

In self-defense, you do not need „advanced“ techniques. Everybody who lived through a dangerous situation knows how hard it can be to carry out even the simplest movement effectively. Our training aim is not to master complex skills during zero pressure, on the contrary – we need to be reasonably effective when the pressure pushes us to our limits.
We use techniques that do not require training clothing or warmup and that work well even when strikes are added to the mix. Just as in RBSD Boxing, you train combat athletic skills and improve your preparedness to win a real fight at the same time.
  • You can train in regular clothes
  • Allows training of controlling and restraining a fully resisting opponent
  • Exact same techniques with or without striking
  • Tactics and techniques tailored for self-defense
  • For every position there is a „map“ – a written module with the most important points
  • Integrates well into wider sporting skillset
  • Interesting fitness-building discipline with a lot of unusual movement patterns
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