Boxing is, in a sense, a backbone of our Self-Defense system.


Boxing lze chápat jako “páteř” atletické báze reálné sebeobrany.

RBSD Boxing is one of the cornerstones of our self-defense training. Improving combative athletic skills will push your ability to defend yourself far above what you expected to be possible. Working against a noncooperative opponent is the only way to gain realistic experience and confidence….

Main Principles

Today, most people can not fit more than one or two trainings per week into their schedules. To reflect that, we fully integrated RBSD boxing into regular trainings – both by simplifying techniques so that everybody to use them and by using the same ruling principles we follow in self-defense. This way, you get the best bang for buck – by training one combat discipline, you are simultaneously refining all others, improving your fitness level and learning to work under stress inherent in fighting…

We believe that „there are no advanced techniques, only basics done well.“

We apply basics to various situations…

RBSD Boxing is structured into basics (that you can acquire in a few weeks) and specialized „plug-ins“ for different situations. Once you learn the fundamental Elements, you can the refine your skills by training specifically for offensive and counter-offensive use, multiple opponents… the goal is not to have new techniques for new situation, but to resolve the situation with well applied basic skills.
  • Is self-defense oriented (modified covers and strikes)
  • Includes stand-up fighting, clinch, kicks…
  • Skills carry over to fighting with a weapon or against an armed opponent
  • All techniques and skills can be pressure-tested in sparring
  • Training includes defending against street attacks (headlock, attached striking)
  • Good base for combative sport platforms (muay thai, kickbox)
  • Training and sparring is done in a real-world environment
  • Includes fighting against multiple opponents
  • The trainee is learning not only fighting skills, but also training principles – so he can improve on his own
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