Our goal is teaching & improvement in all aspects of reality-based self-defense.



Naším cílem je výuka a rozvoj v oblasti reálné sebeobrany.

RBSD is a training system for reality-based self-defense, based on experience of world-wide known instructors. It is a unique system that combines combat athletic skills and hardcore self-defense to provide the most effective training environment.

Training modules

Reality-based self-defense training will teach you how real conflicts arise and how to take initiative to defend yourself and loved ones, should the need arise.
Adapted system of boxing training will show you how to use your body in combat – in training and on the street alike.
In self-defense, we have to be prepared for fighting on the ground. RBSD Grappling will give you tools needed to resolve these situations efficiently.
Gun can be a great equalizer. If you want to expand your skillset, RBSD Shooting is here for you.
Workshops Every Year

RBSD In Numbers

RBSD as a training system was established in 2007 by a group of experienced instructors. We are constantly striving to improve our methods, gathering knowledge all around the world from the very best. The result is a constantly growing number of RBSD members and instructors, not to mention workshops in six different countries.

About Us

Main Focus

As the name suggest, the main goal of all RBSD clubs is effective reality-based self-defense training.

How We See RBSD

We do not approach RBSD as a set style or a set of techniques, but rather as a way of training, proven through combat or full-contact training.

All In One

The best results come from combining combat athletic skills with self-defense prowess. We believe that a well-rounded combat athlete has an edge in a real emergency.

No Belts Or Certificates

Self-defense cannot be measured by number of techniques or arbitrary grades. Therefore you will not find any grading, exams and such in RBSD – we believe that proper training, based on experiences of world-class instructors, is a test in itself.

We Learn From The Best

We are official representatives of Urban combatives ( Lee Morrison ), RedZone (Jerry Wetzel), Reality Based Personal Protection (Jim Wagner) and S.P.E.A.R. System (Tony Blauer). We also have experience with Crazy Monkey Defense Program (Rodney King), Kapap, Krav Maga (Ladislav Matula) and many more.

We Learn And Improve Continually

The team of instructors continually works on improving their skills and training methodology during specialized workshops. We also fully support personal uniqueness and specialization of every instructor. We are the only representatives of many self-defense systems in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

„Jestli budeme vyčkávat, dokud nebudeme připravení, budeme čekat celý náš život“

Lemony Snicket

„Vytrvalost dokáže přeměnit selhání na mimořádné úspěchy“

Matt Biondi

„Neměj strach z člověka, který udělal tisíc technik jednou. Obávej se těch, kteří udělali jednu
techniku tisíckrát“

„Nikomu ještě nedošly techniky a nápady, vždy to byla kondice nebo odvaha. Často obojí zároveň“

Come And Train With Us

Private Lessons

If you do not wish to attend public training, contact an instructor (contact info can be found in “Instructors and clubs”) and arrange a private lesson for you or your group.
If there is no RBSD club in your vicinity, contact us. We have a group of instructors in training and even instructors from other styles attend our workshops. We will gladly help you to find the best instructor for you.

What to expect from training


Physical Fitness

RBSD training will enhance your fitness. We hope you will never have to use your self-defense skills, but better fitness helps you every day.

Learn To Defend Yourself

You will learn to defend yourself, your family and your property. We see this skill as the most important benefit you can gain from our training.

Gain Confidence

Confidence stems from your pressure-tested skills. You will know what you are really capable of; this provides a rock-solid foundation for you self-confidence.

Team Of Great People

Our training is teamwork – everybody is a part of the process. Improving qualities of the instructors enhances the skills of participants; if you want be great, you have to have a great team.