Gun-handling skills will raise your safety to the highest level.


Ovládání střelné zbraně posune vaši bezpečnost na nejvyšší úroveň.

RBSD Shooting is for everybody interested in defensive shooting – a gun can level the playing field against an armed adversary or multiple assailants. We consider safe handling to be a necessity, to prevent harming any innocent person even during high stress situation.We aim to fulfill the needs of a civilian defender, therefore most of our training is done with a handgun. To gain and maintain a comprehensive skillset, however, we also organize rifle and shotgun trainings several times per year.

Main Principles

Our training is organized in a simple progression: Technique, accuracy, speed. Precision is vital – it does not matter how fast or in how many different ways you manage to miss your target! Learning to shoot also require time and frequent training – several times a week, if possible. We offer individual training, regular Saturday shooting trainings and also yearly RBSD Shooting Camp.
We also have several training modules for different needs. „Shoot&Move“ combines shooting skills with movement, using cover etc., „RBSD BattleReady“ is aimed at improving purely defensive skills and „RBSD GunCombatives“ integrates gunhandling with unarmed defense.
  • Tactics and shooting skills tailored for defensive use
  • Regular testing of your skills
  • „RBSD BattleReady“ – shooting skills for self-defense
  • „Shoot&Move“ – shooting and movement
  • „RBSD GunCombatives“ – ECQC gunfighting
  • Opportunity to enter IPSC, LOS or club competitions
  • Opportunity to become a member of Czech IPSC association „Asociace Sportovní Dynamické Střelby“
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