Real-world effective self-defense is the main mission of and the main reason for its existence.


Reálná sebeobrana je tím hlavním důvodem a posláním RBSD.

We believe the ability to protect yourself, your family and your property is the most important skill you can gain by training in RBSD. Therefore we do not believe in compromises – we use the very best sources of information and learn from top instructors.

Cornerstones Of Our Self-Defense System

Every part of system was picked for a reason. We use Urban combatives as a basis of hard, direct defensive capabilities and combat athletic skills for overall fighter development.

Urban Combatives – Self-Defense Core

The mainstay of our system are Urban combatives, established by Lee Morrison (Southampton, UK). There is no simpler, more effective self-defense system, period. UC incorporates knowledge of street gangs (and their attack tactics) and long-term experience working as a doorman, so the main strength is not only in simplicity and effectivity, but also in understanding street predators and violence in general.

Our Approach To Self-Defense

In self-defense, you do not need „advanced“ techniques. Everybody who lived through a dangerous situation knows how hard it can be to carry out even the simplest movement effectively. Our training aim is not to master complex skills during zero pressure, on the contrary – we need to be reasonably effective when the pressure pushes us to our limits.
Therefore, you will not find any degrees, certificates or belt tests in We believe our students know why the train what they train and there is no need to motivate them in this way.
You will see the results and the progress yourself. It does not come cheap, but it will be true and tested.
See For Yourself. Trainings