PROGRAM Instructor program is for everybody who wants to use methodology in his/her training group… or simply for people that strive tu push their individual skills to the next level.

What does the training look like?

Our instructor training is very different from the usual „pay and go“ model. We work together to push the limits of our skills further and further – every instructor offers all of his skills to the group and the group can, in turn, take him much further than he would go on his own.

We at view an „instructor“ as not just somebody who knows his technical stuff and can teach you according to some preplanned program. Our instructor is somebody who will help you find your own path and overcome obstacles that may arise. Every instructor has his own style and talent; we accept that and support it fully.

Three reasons to join


You have your own club and want to officially use the training matrix.


You train with a closed group of people, but you want to gain access to materials, take the group to a higher level and turn it into a RBSD club.


You do not have a training group, you train alone, but you like the approach and want to gain access to training information from the very best instructors across the globe.

When and how to join the instructor program?

To join the instructor program, you first have to gain a familiarity with our style of teaching and training. We look forward to meeting you during regular training, workshops or individual lessons!
It does not matter how many years of training you have under your belt or how many fights in the ring you went through. We just require a strong motivation to work and improve. We do not have an exact schedule or plan to get you the instructor badge – and that is intentional. If you want to lead your students, you have to know how to push and steer yourself. We can help with that, but still leave a big part of your development (and responsibility) up to you.